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Raising Funds for a Charity born from the staff of Qantas the spirit of Australia

We are looking for your help to support YOSA (Youth Opportunities South Africa) a charity close to the heart of many Qantas Cabin and Flight crew.

The YOSA charity was founded by Astonishment Marupisa and like most non-profit organizations, YOSA needs financial support. Unlike many other charities, we can personally vouch for exactly where any funding to YOSA goes as this is validated to the point where a Qantas Pilot and former cabin crew sit on the advisory board but if you want to learn more just take a look thorough our website. 

Youth Opportunities South Africa Charity (YOSA), recognises many students leave High School without vocational skills to gain meaningful employment. Working with high schools located in and near Johannesburg, we aim to equip students with vocational skills to support them earn an income. Our after-school programs include agricultural projects and vocational training in IT, tailoring and farming.

“Astonishment’s vision articulated during YOSA’s inaugural board meeting is to help one person at a time. His vision stems from the philosophy that poverty is not a sentence with a full stop. While his endeavour is to change young people’s lives, he also believes that young people still have opportunities to change their lives – hence ‘Youth Opportunities’.  This entails improving the participation of young people in academic spaces and in the economy. Consequently, there is a need to marry the social, emotional and academic to enable young people to face the challenges of life with hope. Through research based practice, the long-term vision is to see the project developing a model that impacts youth and childcare across Africa”.

The funds raised will support our cause to provide safe and reliable transport for the volunteers of YOSA and the children and families of the community of Soweto to which YOSA provides support. Funds raised shall also contribute to assist YOSA to contract expert consultancy to attract corporate sponsorship in South Africa to ensure sustainability and growth. 

We thank you deeply for any funds you may be able to donate for this specific cause which will allow YOSA to continue its invaluable work. 

 Thank you, from our hearts to yours! ❤️

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Welcome to the Youth Opportunities South Africa (YOSA) donation page, where we invite you to be a vital part of shaping a brighter future for the youth of South Africa. Our commitment is deeply rooted in the belief that the future of the nation lies within the untapped potential of its young minds.

At YOSA, we recognise the imperative need to invest in the empowerment of the next generation. Our empowerment program is designed to provide meaningful opportunities for growth, with a focus on essential components such as learning support, life skills development, and active participation in community enrichment projects.

Transformation begins
with new understanding.

– Astonishment. Founder of YOSA